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Important Stuffs - Things every woman should carry in her purse

A woman's purse is always stuffed with things which are sometimes very necessary and sometimes they are totally useless and just a burden to carry everyday. Every woman gets irritated by the amount of things she has to carry and this frustration usually visit when cleaning the purse during holidays. Are these things really necessary to carry? Has these things really helped her during difficult times, when needed? What the most important things every should should always consider carrying, not just for style and fashion but also for safety and security? I am going to guide you with things which every woman should carry in her purse.

Important Stuffs - Things every woman should carry in her purse

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1. Umbrella: An umbrella is the most important thing, which should always be a friend of a woman, during difficult times may it be for fashion, style or safety. You can always protect yourself with an umbrella when someone tries to fiddle with you, including rain and sun as well.

2. Cell Phone: A cell phone is the most important thing for a women to carry in her purse and almost 90% of females carry a cell phone, every time and anywhere they go. A cell phone helps her in many ways like carry your near or dear one, when you are alone and afraid. You can call your nearest police station, when you find rowdy people around, bugging you and try to take advantage of you. You can record live videos of your status and help you treasure your wonderful moments as well.

3. Cell Phone Charger/Power Bank: Cell phone charger or a power bank is always needed when you carry a mobile phone with you as you never know when you need extra battery power when you want to preserve your precious moments. A cell phone is useless with power and you need your cell phone to support you during difficult times, thus you need to have long lasting power, with the help of a power bank or charger when your battery get lowered..

4. A Chewing Gum: Chewing gum helps you remove your bad breath after a heavy lunch, so that you smell fresh every time. A chewing gum also helps you to freshen up after a short nap during the afternoon, as you cannot find a tooth cleaner in your office. Chewing gums before an important meeting can help to make you smell and look fresh and rejuvenated.

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5. Tampon/Pad: A tampon is the most important thing for every woman to carry in her bag as you never know then you are caught in a difficult situation. You can't run to a medical shop during those difficult situation, hence it's always wise to carry a pad so that your can help yourself and your friends when needed.

6. Money/Cash: A woman should always have some cash loaded in her purse, as you never know when you get hungry or have to buy some important stuff back to your home from office. You can find shop which accept only cash or a taxi without card payment, thus you need cash for those situation..

7. Condom: Carrying a condom is always advisable not only for females but also for males. Safety is the most important priority for everyone and responsibility of every human. You never know when your feeling and urge towards sex overcomes your mind and thinking ability.

8. Credit/Debit Cards: A credit card helps you during shopping and when you find you are out of cash..

9. Lipsticks/Lip Balms: You need a lip balm or a lipstick to make you look gorgeous and refreshed after a heavy meal during your lunch break. A women without lipstick look very pale and tired, get fresh look again after a quick rub of lipstick on you plumpy lips..

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10. Note Book/Pen: A notebook is considered the most least thing to carry, but is very important to note down some important dates or even phone numbers when you are on a call. Old stuffs are gold stuffs, thus noting important things can help you in long run..

11.Face Tissues : You need face tissues to clean all the dirt and dust particles on your face and make you look fresh and rejuvenated again. Help you before a special meeting and special ocassion.

12. Pass Photo: A woman should always consider carrying at least 10 pass photo with you as you never know when you need it..

13. Perfume: You should consider carrying a small bottle of perfume in your purse as it always help you getting rid of with those smelling sweats.

14. Pepper Spray: Pepper spray is an important security measure you should consider carrying in your purse every day. You could land up in unfortunate situation or incidents when you really need them. Many saved themselves in those situations using a pepper spray, hence you should consider carrying one.

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These are some of the most important things a woman always carry in her purse, bag or wallets every time and every day. You always need a good, durable and tough but yet look trendy and fashionable to attract cute looking boys all the time. You can always improve your lifestyle and fashion sense to adjust with your day to day life in an easy way, check this out Self Improvement from SelfGrowth.com- - SelfGrowth.com is the most complete guide to information about Self Improvement on the Internet., concerning your fashion, lifestyle and many more, so that you can keep yourself fresh and new everyday..


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