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Is Paypal Safe For Online Transaction? How Popular Is Paypal?

Paypal is one of the world’s largest and most popular payment service provider, available for both buyers as well as sellers to seamlessly undergo online transaction for buying and receiving payments from all across the world and to different geographical areas which are covered by Paypal. Paypal is an American based company established in 1998 as a subsidiary of eBay till the mid 2015, after which it became an independent company. Paypal was founded by Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, Luke Nosek and Ken Howery as a money transfer business, it was known as X.com company then, which in 2001 was changed to Paypal, after which it expanded rapidly to grow to a multi billion dollars business worldwide.

Is Paypal Safe For Online Transaction? How Popular Is Paypal?

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Paypal’s corporate headquarter is located in North San Jose Innovation district, California. Paypal operates across the European Union as a Luxembourg based bank and has an international headquarter in Singapore with software development center located at Chennai, India. It has various branches all across the world including, China, Malaysia, Australia, EU, Asia and Americas.
Paypal’s top priority is it’s service to enable clients to undergo smooth financial transactions and transfer funds electronically between individuals and businesses. Through Paypal, you can easily perform online transactions like buying products from online marketplaces. sending funds to your near and dear ones or even receive funds from your friends and business partners from anywhere all across the world. Paypal is the ultimate solution to E commerce business for both shoppers as well as sellers. Paypal transaction can be carried out using a simple computer, laptop, mobile devices and even tablets, through their official website or by using mobile application on Android, iOS or Microsoft. Paypal has created a very friendly and quickest method for financial services, with top quality security, safety and overall client satisfaction.

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Paypal is considered as the most safest and one of the most secure payment platform available in the whole wide world and when compared to other payment systems. Paypal uses 128 bit SLL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology throughout the whole transaction process, thereby securing your credit or debit card credentials and also your email address and the password too. They provide a safe payment gateway system for all online sellers and E commerce shops so as to perform critical transactions only in their own platform, providing complete safety and security. They use world class firewalls in front of their servers to disable and minimize hacking activities and brute force attacks. They always prefer third party website using their services to be using a high quality SSL certificate for checkout and shopping cart transactions, hence they guarantee the safety and security of buyers throughout the shopping process. Beat online shopping scams and become a smart shopper, by going through this wonderful post on Forbes.

The best security deployed by Paypal is the type of business they perform. They want you to register to their portal using an email address and a password. This is the most important security of Paypal which makes it totally different and completely secure one. On you dashboard, you can update your most important and precious information like linking your credit or debit details and even linking you bank account. This process makes it even more safer, as you don’t have to enter your card details every time while performing a transaction or making a purchase from online shops that use Paypal as payment gateway, you just need your email address and a password. Three login errors or three invalid login attempts will completely ban you from doing any transaction throughout the day, blocking your account, so you can feel even more secure and much more reliable. Being able to hide the precious financial information has made it the top choice of payment service for everyone who likes total safety and reliable online transaction. Learn about question and posts about Paypal on HuffPost for a complete detail.

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It has a whole set of fraud protection services for buyer, which is why Paypal is so much loved buy smart shoppers for buying products online. It offers a complete Purchase Protection with full refund policy, which allows buyers to open a dispute with sellers if the item purchased has not arrived in the time frame described by seller or the product received is not as described by the seller or not as shown in the online platform. Paypal covers full purchase protection including the original shipping cost, you get complete refund, but the item you receive should be returned back to the origin seller and the shipping cost for the return of item is solely covered by you yourself. You as a buyer can make use of Paypal Resolution Center for opening a dispute and getting back your full refund, hence Paypal offers complete protection not only from hackers but also from fraudulent online shops and hackers. Paypal helps in distinguishing serious, legal and valid shops from those illegal fraud shops which are highly populated all across the web world.

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Paypal is the most popular electronic payment system, fund transfers system, payment gateway system and sellers are always delighted receiving funds from online shoppers through Paypal. All top quality online shops like eBay, Aliexpress and Dhgate have Paypal as their payment providers. Shopperwear Fashion exclusively uses Paypal as their payment platform, for the overall security of their customers and ease of transaction and the quick settlement time which is better and faster than any other payment system available in the marketplace.

As for the popularity of Paypal, there are 170 million users as of 2015, with billion dollars of business carried out every year, with the most active users from United States Of America, which performs multi billion dollar business every year from this country alone. In June 2016 Paypal joined the most prestigious Fortune 500 for the first time. As of 2017 Paypal has 210 million active users operating in 25 currencies worldwide across 202 markets. Paypal applications are available on Google Play and iTunes App Store, which is used by millions of users for their daily shopping needs. Know more about the latest Paypal's Venmo expansion to get a rough idea of Paypal's popularity on Washington Post

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It is so very easy to get yourself registered with Paypal and start your transaction instantly, just after the account activation process, so that you can easily buy online products through your Paypal account right away after creation.
Go to the Paypal website, and on the top right corner, you can find a button to sign in, here you can find yourself a form to fill about your personal information, email id and password. After a successful submission, you are great to go. You can wait for the confirmation email to pop out in your inbox from Paypal, after which you can login to your account. Go to your account dashboard and link your card by providing the card number, expiry date and the secure three digit number (CVV), so that you could secure your card information and make all payments through the Paypal login credentials. Your credit or debit card gets linked instantly, after which you can make your online payment and buy your desired products from top online shops, more securely and more safely than just entering your raw card information every time, which could easily get hacked by online fraudsters. Know more about Paypal Product and more at Paypal.com

Paypal Online Banking Through Mobile Devices
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Shopperwear Fashion recommends you to have a Paypal account for all the transaction. It also recommends you to buy products through their own user account, so that the overall transaction becomes easy and secure. Although you can also use your raw credit or debit card credentials along with Paypal too. A complete detail about Paypal from Wiki will answer all question.


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